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The Art Of Handling A Tough Stakeholder

In my decade and half old experience of working in the Product & IT sector, both India and International, I have come across multiple types of stakeholders. Some of the stakeholders have been a



Vikrant Chaudhary
Reviewed on 30-12-2020

Thank you Product Gurukul for the Mock Interview. It was pretty insightful and I realized where exactly I am making mistakes and what needs to be focused on going forward. Chetan Lohia Your help in structuring solutions in interviews was pretty insightful, will try to follow the same from now onwards. - Vikrant (

Gaurav Mojasia
Reviewed on 20-02-2021

Thanks Product Gurukul for arranging a mock Interview with Rahul. The session was very awesome and enlightening. The feedback(s) were progressive in nature and a constructive input to help in this product management journey forward. Looking forward to more such sessions.